FlacourtiaceaeFlacourtia family

  - Leaves simple, alternate, usually serrate or crenate.
  - Pinnately or palmately (3-) veined.
  - Deciduous stipules.
  - Flowers with 4-5 petals and many stamens.
  - Fruit a juicy berry or capsule with arillate seeds.

Diagnosis: Trees, with free stipules, leaves alternate and simple. 1. Leaves distichous, serrate, pinnately veined, petioles uniform in length, often with translucent yellow dots and dashes, some with branched spines on trunk, without nectar glands. 2. Leaves spiraled, 3-veined, crenate, petioles long and apically swollen, often with nectar glands at leaf base.

Similar families
Celastraceae: thin orange layer in bark.
Euphorbiaceae: clear sap in petiole, without translucent dashes, leaf base asymmetric, often with stellate hairs.
Ulmaceae: scratchy hairs, without translucent dashes, leaf base asymmetric.

Diversity: Total: 10 genera, 21 species. Trees: 10 genera, 20 species.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2000-2007, William A. Haber, http://efg.cs.umb.edu/