Summer Wildflowers of Mount Holyokeby Karen Searcy
Campanula rotundifolia (Harebell)
Flower colorblue
Number of petals5
Petal fusionfused
Lea arrangementalternate
Leaf groupingsimple
Leaf marginsentire
Leaf/leaflet shapelinear
Fruit typedry
Fruit colorbrown
Flowering datesJune - July
HabitatCliffs, talus slopes
LocalityMain ridge on basalt
DescriptionThis plant typically occurs in a clump about one foot high. The 0.5 - 1 inch blue, bell-shaped flowers are on thin stalks 6 - 8 inches long. The stems have narrow, almost hair-like leaves. The name "rotundifolia" comes from the basal leaves which are round or oval.
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