Summer Wildflowers of Mount Holyokeby Karen Searcy
Krigia virginica (Dwarf Dandelion)
Flower coloryellow
Number of petals5
Petal fusionfree
Lea arrangementbasal
Leaf groupingsimple
Leaf marginstoothed
Leaf/leaflet shapelanceolate
Fruit typedry
Flowering datesMay - June
HabitatRocky outcrops
LocalityMain ridge from Mt. Norwottock west
DescriptionThis is a short annual plant, up to 12 inches tall. It resembles a small dandelion but has gray-green basal leaves. The earliest leaves can have entire margins while the later ones are often pinnately dissected. The flower stalk is unbranched and leafless and has a single flower.
Habit photoKBS
Flower photoPW