Witheringia cuneata (Standl.) Hunz.
SolanaceaePotato Family

Fruiting habit
Fruiting habit

  - treelet with paired leaves
  - erect hairs on the lower midvein
  - long stalked inflorescence

Description: Treelet, 3-6 m; twigs round, nodes swollen, fine dorsal ridge arising between petioles; leaves often paired, petioles to 15 mm, blades to 5 x 19 cm, narrowly elliptic, asymmetric, glabrous above, soft erect hairs below on blade and veins, evident to touch, minor leaf to 3 x 11 cm, narrowly elliptic to ovate, spicey bean odor in leaf; inflorescence with peduncle 2-5 cm, erect, arising between leaf pairs, with groups of flowers that open successively; flower with pedicel 6-10 mm, calyx 6-7 mm, forming a tube, lobes 1.5 mm, glabrous, corolla 15 mm long, pale green, each lobe with a supapical tooth outside, style 10 mm, stamens tan, filaments pubescent, ovary glabrous; fruit to 13 x 15 mm, subglobose, green-white immature, blue mature, with pedicel 10-12 mm.

Similar species
Cuatresia riparia
Cuatresia exiguiflora

Local distribution: Pacific slope at 1400-1600 m in premontane wet forest and leeward cloud forest.

Species range: Nicaragua to Venezuela

Habitat: Open understory, gaps and forest edge in cloud forest; restricted to wetter sites in premontane zone.

Ithomia xenos

Phenology: Flower: mar-jul. Fruit: jun-sep.

Pollinators: Bees

Seed dispersers: Birds and possibly bats

Comments: A locally patchy treelet of open understory, gaps and forest edge in cloud forest; restricted to wetter sites in the premontane zone.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2002-2006 by William A. Haber, http://efg.cs.umb.edu/