Solanum cordovense Sesse & Moc.
SolanaceaePotato Family

Fruiting habit
Fruiting habit

  - slender treelet without spines
  - small lance-elliptic leaves with stellate hairs
  - small white flowers with yellow anthers
  - round black 1 cm fruit

Description: Treelet, mature at 2-5 m, without spines; petioles to 5 mm; leaves to 4 x 13 cm, lance-elliptic, with soft stellate hairs, membranous; inflorescence with peduncles 1-2 mm, flower with slender pedicels to 15 mm, corolla white, 7 mm long, stamens yellow; infructescence with peduncle to 3 mm, with up to 8 fruit; fruit to 10 mm, shiny purple-black, globose, pedicel 15 mm; seed 2 x 3 mm, 3-8 seeds/fruit.

Similar species
Solanum umbellatum

Local distribution: On Pacific slope at 1300-1500 m.

Species range: Mexico to Colombia

Habitat: Old pastures, forest edge, stream margins within forest, and secondary forest.

Dircenna olyras

Phenology: Flower: may-jun. Fruit: apr, jul.

Pollinators: Bees

Seed dispersers: Birds

Comments: Solanum extensum Bitt. is considered a synonym.

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