Solanum chrysotrichum Schltdl.
SolanaceaePotato Family

Flowering habit
Flowering habit

  - woody shrub or small tree
  - stout curved spines and shallowly lobed leaves
  - 3 cm white flowers

Description: Shrub or small tree mature at 1.5-6 m; curved spines on stem, branches, petiole and veins; leaves large with shallow lobes, stem leaves with deeper lobes, pubescence of stellate hairs; flowers 3 cm across, white with yellow anthers, corolla partly fused; fruits to 2 cm, globose, dull yellow when mature.

Similar species
Solanum acerifolium
Solanum lanceolatum

Local distribution: Grows on Pacific slope above 1400 m and down to 800 m on Atlantic slope; at the TV towers (1860 m).

Species range: Mexico to Panama

Habitat: Roadsides, abandoned pastures, landslides, disturbed soil.

Dircenna klugii
Dircenna relata
Mechanitis menapis

Phenology: Flower: most of year, especially wet season (dec, jan, mar, may). Fruit: mature during and after flowering (may-jun).

Pollinators: Large bees

Seed dispersers: Bats, rarely birds (Blue-gray tanager).

Comments: Locally common in pastures and overgrown roadsides, rare in cloud forest gaps and landslides. Becomes scarcer down the dry Pacific slope.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2002-2006 by William A. Haber,