Schultesianthus megalandrus (Dunal) Hunz.
SolanaceaePotato Family

Flowering habit
Flowering habit

  - hemi-epiphyte on tree trunks
  - leaves thick with blunt to rounded apex
  - stout white to cream yellow flowers with 5 lobes
  - fruit a purple-black 2cm berry

Description: Hemi-epiphyte, often with stems ascending tree trunks and branches, leaves simple, bunched at twig tips, to 6 x 10 cm long, glabrous, thick, entire, elliptic to obovate, apex blunt acute to rounded, minutely punctate below; flowers on short congested inflorescences near twig tips, calyx 1 cm, corolla 3.5-5 cm long, white when fresh, turning cream yellow by third day, fragrant during day; fruit a 2 cm purple-black globose berry.

Similar species
Merinthopodium neuranthum

Local distribution: Pacific slope cloud forest and Atlantic slope wet forest down to about 800 m (Ro San Gerardo valley, Ro Peas Blancas valley).

Species range: Mexico to Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador

Habitat: Primary and disturbed cloud forest, wet forest and rain forest.

Eutresis dilucida
Eutresis hypereia

Phenology: Flower: feb, mar, may-jun. Fruit: jul-sep.

Pollinators: Bees

Seed dispersers: Birds

Comments: An attractive plant with showy flowers and a pleasant fragrance. Individual plants vary considerably in corolla length.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2002-2006 by William A. Haber,