Prestonia portobellensis (Beurl.) Woodson
ApocynaceaeDogbane Family

  - woody climbers, without stipules, with clear or slightly milky latex..
  - leaves opposite, thick and fleshy, glabrous.
  - flower 5-lobed, lobes bent like a pinwheel.
  - fruit a pair of long, slender pods connected at base.

Description: Stout woody climbers reaching 15 m high; latex clear or slightly milky; leaves opposite, glabrous, oblong-elliptic, thick and fleshy, to 8 x 18 cm; petioles about 2 cm; flowers about 2 cm long with spreading 10-13 mm lobes yellow-green with purplish tips, the central ring yellow; fruit a pair of slender follicles united at base, to 35 cm long.

Similar species
Prestonia longifolia

Local distribution: Lowland wet, moist, and semi-deciduous forest on both slopes up to about 1000 m on the Atlantic slope.

Species range: Mexico to Colombia (and possibly to Peru).

Habitat: Forest edge, secondary forest, and disturbed areas.

Tithorea harmonia

Phenology: Flower: apr, jul, oct, dec. Fruit: apr, jun, aug, dec.

Pollinators: Euglossine bees

Seed dispersers: Wind

Credits: Images and text copyright 2002-2006 by William A. Haber,