Prestonia longifolia (Sesse & Moc.) J. F. Morales
ApocynaceaeDogbane Family

  - slender woody climbers, without stipules, clear latex.
  - leaves opposite, elliptic, glabrous, slightly fleshy.
  - flower 5-lobed, yellow lobes bent like a pinwheel.
  - fruit a pair of long, slender pods connected at base.

Description: Slender semi-woody climbers; latex clear or only slightly milky; leaves opposite, to 6 x 10 cm, entire, glabrous, elliptic to oblong, acute with rounded to obtuse base, slightly fleshy; axillary inflorescence bearing several flowers in sequence over many days; flowers about 1.5 cm long with spreading 1 cm ,yellow-green lobes; fruit are slender follicles attached at the base.

Similar species
Prestonia portobellensis

Local distribution: Premontane wet forest zone on Pacific slope below level of cloud forest at 1350 to 1550 m.

Species range: Belize to Panama.

Habitat: Light gaps in forest and forest edge.

Tithorea tarricina

Phenology: Flower: apr, jun, jul, nov. Fruit: apr.

Pollinators: Euglossine bees

Seed dispersers: Wind

Comments: Rarely seen in flower in the Monteverde area.

Credits: Images and text copyright 2002-2006 by William A. Haber,