Merinthopodium neuranthum (Hemsl.) Donn. Sm.
SolanaceaePotato Family

Flowering habit
Flowering habit

  - epiphyte or hemi-epiphyte
  - medium to large fleshy leaves bunched at twig tips
  - purple-green flowers at tip of long dangling inflorescence

Description: A small to large hemi-epiphytic shrub with branches to 2 m long; leaves to 8 x 15 cm, bunched at the twig tips, long petioles, elliptic to obovate, acuminate, base obtuse, entire, fleshy and glabrous; inflorescense with an elongate (to 1 m) dangling peduncle, flowers grouped at apex; flowers green shaded with purple, bell-shaped, 3-4 cm long, large calyx lobes; fruit a 2 cm berry with large persisting calyx lobes.

Similar species
Schultesianthus megalandrus

Local distribution: Cloud forest and wet Atlantic slope to lowlands.

Species range: Guatemala to Colombia

Habitat: Grows on tree trunks, usually below the crown, often in lighter areas of forest; also in pasture trees.

Melinaea ethra

Phenology: Flower: jan, mar, apr-may, oct. Fruit: .

Pollinators: Bats

Seed dispersers: Arboreal mammals

Comments: Formerly called Markea neurantha.

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