Cestrum nocturnum L.
SolanaceaePotato Family

Flowering habit
Flowering habit

  - treelet to 5 m tall
  - leaves glabrous, lanceolate
  - flowers 14-19 mm, yellow-green
  - fruit white

Description: A treelet, mature at 2-5 m; leaves glabrous, 6-11 cm long x 4-6 cm wide, lanceolate, apex acute to acuminate, base acute, often weakly bullate; flowers yellow-green, tube 15-20 mm long; fruit white and juicy, 6-11 mm long.

Similar species
Cestrum lanceleaf
Cestrum nuboso

Local distribution: Atlantic slope at 700 to 1100 m.

Species range: Central America and the Antilles.

Habitat: Large light gaps, river margins, and forest edge.

Godyris zavaleta
Godyris zygia

Phenology: Flower: any time of year. Fruit: sep-jan.

Pollinators: Moths

Seed dispersers: Birds

Credits: Images and text copyright 2002-2006 by William A. Haber, http://efg.cs.umb.edu/