Brachistus stramoniifolius (Kunth) Miers
SolanaceaePotato Family


  - leaves broad with few tooth-like lobes
  - stems deeply grooved
  - yellow-green flowers
  - bright red-orange berries

Description: Shrub, to 5 m tall; stems deeply grooved; leaves often paired at upper nodes, most with several tooth-like lobes, petioles long; flowers 7-9 mm long, yellow-green, shallowly lobed, anthers cream with outside face purple; fruit 7-10 mm, bright red, loosely enclosed by calyx.

Similar species
Solanum chrysotrichum
Witheringia solanacea

Local distribution: Pacific slope wet forest at 1200-1400m.

Species range: Mexico to Panama

Habitat: Usually grows on recently disturbed soil in open areas, road sides, or large light gaps.

Ithomia patilla

Phenology: Flower: mar-sep. Fruit: mar-oct.

Pollinators: Small bees

Seed dispersers: Birds

Credits: Images and text copyright 2002-2006 by William A. Haber,