Shrubs of Mount Holyokeby Karen Searcy
Aronia melanocarpa (Chokeberry)
Flower colorwhite
Number of petals5
Petal statefree
Leaf persistencedeciduous
Leaf arrangementalternate
Leaf groupingsimple
Leaf marginserrate
Leaf/leaflet shapeobovate
Fruit typefleshy
Fruit colorblack
Flowering datesmid-May
Fruiting datesAugust
HabitatOpen woods, wet areas
LocalitySummit of Mt. Norwottock, and along power line corridors.
DescriptionA small shrub 1 - 6 feet tall, found in a variety of habitats. The leaves are elliptic to obovate and have a row of black glands along the mid-vein of on the upper surface. The stem and leaves lack hairs. The white flowers are in flat-topped clusters, and have pink stamens.
CommentAronia arbutifolia which is densely hairy on the underside of the leaf and has smallish red fruits can be found in wetlands. A. x prunifolia, has also been found along some rocky ridges. It looks like a slightly hairy A. melanocarpa.
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