Shrubs of Mount Holyokeby Karen Searcy
Diervilla lonicera (Bush-honeysuckle)
Flower coloryellow/orange
Number of petals5
Petal statefused
Leaf persistencedeciduous
Leaf arrangementopposite
Leaf groupingsimple
Leaf marginserrate
Leaf/leaflet shapeovate/lanceolate
Fruit typedry
Fruit colorbrown
Flowering datesmid-late June
Fruiting datesAugust
HabitatTalus slopes, rocky ridges
LocalityIt is common along the crest of the range and along the edges of talus slopes.
DescriptionA low shrub 1 - 2 feet tall with tubular orange or yellow flowers. The paired leaves have a distinctive long, pointed tip. The fruit is bottle-shaped, about 1 inch long, and has 5 sharp projections at the the top.
CommentFlowers can be either orange or yellow.
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