Shrubs of Mount Holyokeby Karen Searcy
Ilex verticillata (Winterberry)
Flower colorwhite
Number of petals8-Apr
Petal statefused
Leaf persistencedeciduous
Leaf arrangementalternate
Leaf groupingsimple
Leaf marginserrate
Leaf/leaflet shapeelliptic
Fruit typefleshy
Fruit colorred
Flowering datesmid-June
Fruiting datesSeptember
HabitatMoist woods, wetlands
LocalitySwamp west of water tower in Amherst.
DescriptionA shrub 10 - 15 feet tall found in wetlands. It has many straight, grayish stems coming from the ground. The leaves are coarsely serrate and tend to be widest above the middle and are pointed at both ends. The flowers have ciliate sepals and are relatively inconspicuous, but the bright red fruit persist after the leaves fall off.
CommentMale and female flowers are produced on different plants. Petals are fused only at the base of the flower.
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Flower photoKBS
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