Prestoea Arecaceae


Diagnosis: With erect stem, sometimes colonial, or without aerial stems, leaves more than 1 m long, leaflets narrow, uniform in width, and spreading in one plane, stem without a ring of dense roots at base.

Similar Genera

Local Distribution: Pacific slope cloud forest and wetter sites down to 1000 m; whole Atlantic slope.

Diversity: 3 species.

Comments: Prestoea acuminata is the only palm exceeding 7 m tall in high cloud forest in our area, usually with multiple stems and a well-developed crown shaft. This species is exploited for "palmito," particularly during the Easter season. P. longipetiolata, the understory species with stems up to 2 m or absent, can be easily confused with Chamaedorea macrospadix, which has weakly sinuate laeflets.

Credits: Bill's Pages and Pics.