Bactris Arecaceae

Diagnosis: 1. Stems often colonial, smooth, leaf pinnate with leaflets rising out of rachis plane, less than 2 m long, leaflets green below, spines slender. 2. Leaves simple, forked at tip, pubescent below, stems and leaves spiny.

Similar Genera

Local Distribution: Upper Pacific slope barely extending into cloud forest; Atlantic slope between 700 - 1400 m.

Diversity: 2 species.

Comments: Bactris dianeura is the colonial, very spiny Bactris common in our region. Bactris hondurensis is a much less common species, usually with undivided leaves or a few separated pinnae at the base, and with pubescent underside, found on the Atlantic slope up to 700 - 800 m. B. hondurensis tends to have fewer and shorter spines than B. dianeura.

Credits: Bill's Pages and Pics.