Ischnura ramburii (Selys, 1850)Coenagrionidae

Male identification:

  • Pale markings on head and thorax green.
  • S3-6 orange with black dorsum, S7 black with bue tip on underside, S8-9 mostly sky blue, S9 with black at tip on dorsal side.
  • Dorsal horns of S10 short and rounded.
  • Teneral: thorax mostly orange, abdomen variously marked.

Female identification:

  • One color form similar to male, others with olive face and top of head black.
  • Thorax and abdomen olive-brown with black on dorsum.

Similar species:

Habitat: Isolated ponds and lakes in sun.

Species range: USA, Mexico, Guatemala to Panama, South America

Updated: 14 February 2014

Credits: Text and images copyright by William Haber and David Wagner, 2013