Argia sp. L Coenagrionidae
Male appendages, dorsal view
Male appendages, lateral view
MaleMale appendages, dorsal viewMale appendages, lateral view

Male identification:

  • Pale markings on head and antehumeral stripe dull purple-gray.
  • Pale stripes on side of thorax blue.
  • Dorsum of S3-4 with elongate purple triangles.
  • Dorsum of S8-9 blue.
  • Upper appendage short with a small hook on inner lobe.

Similar species:

Male abdomen length: 23.0

Male hind wing length: 17.0

Female abdomen length: 24.0

Female hind wing length: 19.0

Local distribution: Eastern slope at 900 m.

Habitat: Small streams and spring seeps in sun.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Updated: 26 July 2013

Credits: Text and images copyright by William Haber and David Wagner, 2013