Argia sp. D Coenagrionidae
Male appendages, dorsal view
Male appendages, lateral view
MaleFemaleMale appendages, dorsal viewMale appendages, lateral view

Male identification:

  • Face black, blue postocular spots present.
  • Blue on sides of pronotum.
  • Antehumeral stripe blue-gray.
  • Mesepimeron all black.
  • Metepimeron and metepisternum sky blue, except for a broad black stripe over the suture.
  • S2 black on sides, blue on dorsum.
  • S3 with a blue dorsal triangle, S4-7 without basal blue rings.
  • S8-9 blue on dorsum, S10 with a pair of small blue spots.
  • Antenodals 4/3; stigma shorter than sp. C.
  • Upper appendage with a large hook on inner lobe.

Similar species:

Male abdomen length: 25.0-26.0

Male hind wing length: 19.0

Female abdomen length: 24.0

Female hind wing length: 18.0-20.0

Local distribution: Eastern lowlands.

Habitat: Open marsh.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Species range: Ecuador

Updated: 26 July 2013

Credits: Text and images copyright by William Haber and David Wagner, 2013