Argia sp. C Coenagrionidae
Male appendages, dorsal view
Male appendages, lateral view
MaleFemaleMale appendages, dorsal viewMale appendages, lateral view

Male identification:

  • Labrum, postclypeus and lower face dark.
  • Postocular spots blue, becoming indistinct with age.
  • Prothorax with extensive blue markings.
  • Broad blue antehumeral stripe.
  • Mesepimeron all black.
  • Metepisternum mostly blue to purple with a black stripe along second suture.
  • Metepimeron mostly blue with black above latero-ventral carina.
  • Blue dorsal triangle on S3-4; S8-9 blue on dorsum and upper sides.
  • Antenodals 4/4, 4/3, 5/3.

Male abdomen length: 27.0-28.0

Male hind wing length: 20.0-21.0

Female abdomen length: 25.0

Female hind wing length: 21.0

Local distribution: Eastern slope at 600 - 1000 m.

Habitat: Small streams in forest and sun.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Updated: 26 July 2013

Credits: Text and images copyright by William Haber and David Wagner, 2013