Phyllocycla volsella (Calvert, 1905)Gomphidae
Male appendages, dorsal view
Male appendages, lateral view
MaleFemaleMale appendages, dorsal viewMale appendages, lateral view

Male identification:

  • Thorax brown with two yellow-green antehumeral stripes.
  • Abdomen dark with cream band at base of S4-7.
  • S8 weakly expanded; S8-9 with red-brown on sides.
  • Lower appendage absent.

Female identification:

  • Similar to male, but duller.
  • S8 not expanded.

Size: Medium

Body length: 47.0

Local distribution: Atlantic and Pacific lowlands.

Habitat: Slow-flowing streams and rivers.

Species range in Middle America: Mexico, Guatemala to Panama

Male abdomen length: 35

Female abdomen length: 35

Female hindwing length: 28

Updated: 18 July 2011

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