Telebasis boomsmae Garrison, 1994Coenagrionidae

Male identification:

  • Labrum red, top rear of head with pale postocular spots.
  • Top of thorax pale orange with narrow black center stripe, side of thorax unmarked.
  • Abdomen red with dorsum of central segments black.
  • Upper appendage short and rounded.
  • Lower appendage much longer than upper with a small hook at tip.

Female identification:

  • Not seen:
  • Prothoracic horns minute or absent.
  • Rear of head pale.
  • Top of thorax with a black center stripe.

Size: Small

Body length: 31.0

Local distribution: Lowlands of Atlantic and southern Pacific slopes.

Habitat: Temporary pools and permanent lagunas, near forest.

Species range in Middle America: Belize, Costa Rica

Male body length: 31

Male abdomen length: 25

Male hindwing length: 16

Updated: 12 August 2010

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