Ischnura hastata (Say, 1839)Coenagrionidae

Male identification:

  • Thorax yellow-green in lower half, black in upper half.
  • Abdomen mostly yellow with limited black dorsal markings.
  • Dorsal horn on S10 straight and forked.

Female identification:

  • Lacking prothoracic horns.
  • Thorax cream to gray-green with black dorsal stripe. abdomen pale in lower half, top changing from pale to black with age.
  • Teneral: mostly orange with dorsum of S6-9 partly black.

Size: Small

Body length: 22.0-24.0

Local distribution: Pacific slope from 50 - 1100 m; Atlantic slope at 500 - 600 m.

Habitat: Isolated ponds in sun.

Species range in Middle America: USA, Mexico, Guatemala to Panama, South America

Male abdomen length: 18

Female abdomen length: 17-19

Female hindwing length: 11-12

Updated: 7 March 2007

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