Argia sp. L Coenagrionidae

Male identification:

  • Head with labrum blue, postclypeus black, face anterior to antennae blue, postocular spots present with a pair of small spots between them, underside black with eyes bordered by a pale streak.
  • Antehumeral stripe about half the width of mesepisternum.
  • Dorsum of S3-7 blue on basal 4/5, dorsum of S8-9 all blue, S10 black.
  • Antenodals 3-3, stigma as wide as long.
  • Cercus slightly longer than paraproct, which is similar to Argia occulata.

Size: Small

Body length: 35.0

Local distribution: Southern Pacific to 700 m.

Habitat: Small forest streams.

Species range in Middle America: Costa Rica

Male body length: 34

Male abdomen length: 28

Male hindwing length: 20

Updated: 21 February 2013

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