Argia sp. K Coenagrionidae

Male identification:

  • Labrum blue, postclypeus black, face anterior to antennae all blue, large postocular spots present with no pale markings between them.
  • Antehumeral stripe about 1/2 width of mesepisternum.
  • S3-4 3/4 blue on dorsum, S5-7 with a small basal blue triangle or ring, 8-10 all blue on dorsum.
  • Antenodals 3-3.
  • Cercus as long as paraproct.

Female identification:

  • Head markings as in male.
  • S3-7 with a blue basal ring, S3-4 also with a dorsal blue midline, S8 blue on dorsum, S9 blue on dorsum with a pair of basal black bullet marks.
  • Antenodals 3-3.

Size: Small

Body length: 34.0

Habitat: Small forest streams.

Species range in Middle America: Costa Rica

Male body length: 34

Male abdomen length: 27

Male hindwing length: 20

Female body length: 32

Female abdomen length: 25-26

Female hindwing length: 20

Updated: 21 August 2012

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