Argia rogersi Calvert, 1902Coenagrionidae

Male identification:

  • No pale postocular spots.
  • Top of thorax all black, a blue triangle on S3.
  • Top of S9 black in basal half, blue at tip.

Female identification:

  • Labrum black.
  • Postocular spots absent.
  • Dorsum of S9 all black.

Size: Medium

Body length: 39.0-41.0

Local distribution: Atlantic slope at 800 - 1400 m; above 1100 m in wetter areas of Pacific slope.

Habitat: Sunny areas along small to medium forested streams.

Species range in Middle America: Costa Rica to Panama

Male abdomen length: 32

Female abdomen length: 31

Female hindwing length: 26

Updated: 28 March 2008

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