Argia indicatrix Calvert, 1902Coenagrionidae
Tandem pair
Tandem pairMale

Male identification:

  • Abdomen mostly black on dorsum, a long blue triangle on S3.
  • S8 all black, S9 sky blue above.

Female identification:

  • Small.
  • Dorsum of S8-9 with black basal markings, S10 all black.
  • WIngs often yellowish. Antenodal cells 4-3.

Size: Small

Body length: 28.0-30.0

Local distribution: Both slopes from lowlands to 800 m.

Habitat: Swampy parts of small to medium streams and swampy spring seeps; in forest or open areas.

Species range in Middle America: Mexico, Guatemala to Panama, South America

Male abdomen length: 24

Female abdomen length: 21

Female hindwing length: 17

Updated: 28 March 2008

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