Argia cuprea (Hagen, 1861)Coenagrionidae

Male identification:

  • Eyes red.
  • Thorax metallic purple-red.
  • S2-7 with dorsum mostly black with a basal blue ring.
  • S8 blue with black apex.
  • S9-10 all blue.

Female identification:

  • Labrum partly dark metallic.
  • Postocular spots tiny, equal to anterior ocellus in size.
  • A strong black stripe on metaplearal suture.
  • Side of S10 mostly pale on lower half.

Size: Medium

Body length: 36.0-38.0

Local distribution: Atlantic slope, 50 - 300 m.

Habitat: Small streams in forest.

Species range in Middle America: USA, Mexico, Guatemala to Panama

Male abdomen length: 31

Female abdomen length: 28

Female hindwing length: 29

Updated: 4 September 2008

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