Acanthagrion speculum Garrison, 1985Coenagrionidae
Tandem pair
MaleFemaleTandem pair

Male identification:

  • Dorsum of S1 entirely black.
  • Dorsal projection on S10 higher than base of segment, but not so pointed.
  • Antehumeral stripe green.
  • Pale markings on S1-2 often greenish.

Female identification:

  • Dorsum of S1 entirely black.

Size: Small

Body length: 31.0-33.0

Local distribution: Atlantic slope to 850 m; Pacific lowlands.

Habitat: Marshy and swampy ponds in sunny areas.

Species range in Middle America: Costa Rica

Male abdomen length: 28

Female abdomen length: 24

Female hindwing length: 16-17

Updated: 7 March 2007

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