Coryphaeschna diapyra Paulson, 1994Aeshnidae

Male identification:

  • Thorax and base of abdomen lime green, rest of abdomen brick red.
  • Frons dark red-brown without markings.
  • Prominent, projecting genital lobe.

Female identification:

  • No T-mark on top of frons.
  • Thorax green, abdomen brick red without dark markings.
  • Large, abdomen 53-55 mm.

Size: Very large

Body length: 73.0-75.0

Local distribution: Lowlands on both slopes up to about 300 m.

Habitat: Small forest streams.

Species range in Middle America: Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica to Panama, South America

Male abdomen length: 51

Female abdomen length: 54

Female hindwing length: 51

Updated: 7 March 2007

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