Orange Daylily
Hemerocallis fulvaLiliaceae
Photos (c) Cheryl Comeau Beaton unless otherwise noted


  • Common daylily, Tawny daylily

The Plant:

  • An evergreen to semi-evergreen herbaceous perennial.

The Leaves:

  • arching
  • long, strap-like
  • bright-green
  • 2-3 feet long

The Stem:

  • green scapes

The Flowers:

  • Large, showy, spotted or striped six-petaled flowers held on erect scapes. Blooms from late spring to late summer.

The Fruits:

  • 3-celled capsule
  • starts green and dries to brown

The Habitat:

  • meadows, floodplains
  • forests, forest edges


  • seed may be spread in yard waste or through soil disturbance
  • produces thick, tuberous roots from which new plants may arise

Key ID Features:

  • 6 large orange petals
  • flowers held high on erect scapes
  • arching, strap-like leaves
  • indented midrib


  • Each individual flower opens for one day. Flowers are variable due to the many varieties and cultivars developed for ornamental purposes. Daylilies reproduce by seed and also from thick, tuberous roots that grow rapidly to form dense clumps and make control difficult.

Growth Form: Herb

Origin: Europe

Level of Invasiveness for Nantucket: Do not list at this time

Level of Invasiveness for Massachusetts: Not evaluated

Massachusetts Cultivation Restrictions: no

Credits: The Electronic Field Guide to the Invasive Plants of Nantucket (c) 2005-2006 Maria Mitchell Association, EFG Project, UMass Boston