Devil's Pitchforks
Bidens frondosa Aster Family
(c) Robert H. Mohlenbrock
(c) Robert H. Mohlenbrock

Growth Form: Herb

Flower Color: Yellow

Leaf Arrangement: Alternate

Leaf/Leaflet Shape: 3-5 leaflets, Lance-shaped, Toothed

Habitat Type: Moist areas; Waste places

Ecological Management Units Where Present (by number): George Robert White Environmental Conservation Center (1), Western Field (2), West Side (3), Central Woodland (4), Successional Field (5), South Side (6), Canterbury Wetlands (7), Canterbury Brook Corridor (8), Composting Site (9)

Total Number of EMUs: 9

Status in Massachusetts: Native

Notes: Inconspicuous flowers

Credits: Morola Adjibodou, the Boston Nature Center and the EFG Project at UMass Boston