Swamp Milkweed
Asclepias incarnata Milkweed Family
(c) Lou Wagner
(c) Jennifer Anderson
(c) Patrick J. Alexander
(c) Patrick J. Alexander
(c) Lou Wagner(c) Jennifer Anderson(c) Patrick J. Alexander(c) Patrick J. Alexander

Growth Form: Herb

Flower Color: Pink

Leaf Arrangement: Opposite

Leaf/Leaflet Shape: Narrow, Lance-shaped

Habitat Type: Roadsides; Dry soils

Ecological Management Units Where Present (by number): Successional Field (5), Canterbury Wetlands (7), Canterbury Brook Corridor (8), Composting Site (9)

Total Number of EMUs: 4

Status in Massachusetts: Native

Notes: Broken stems have milky juice

Credits: Morola Adjibodou, the Boston Nature Center and the EFG Project at UMass Boston