Perrhybris pyrrha (Fabricius, 1775)

Male dorsal
Male dorsal
Female dorsal
Female dorsal
Male ventral
Male ventral
Female ventral
Female ventral

  Sexes distinct.
  Male: forewing white with black apex; similar above and below.
  Hindwing white above; white with black marginal markings below; a black central bar bordered by orange.
  Female: forewing orange at base, black in distal half; five yellow spots within the black.
  Hindwing orange with black border; faint central bar; black areas much more extensive below.

Local distribution: 62-74 mm

Similar related species
Perrhybris lypera

Unrelated models
Eueides isabella
Dismorphia amphiona
Lycorea cleobaea
Mechanitis polymnia
Hypothyris lycaste

Abundance: Rare

Local distribution: Atlantic lowlands to about 800 m. Pacific slope at 700-1100 m.

Species range: Costa Rica to Brazil

Comments: Recorded in lower San Luis at Finca San Luis (Chepe Rojas farm) at 700 m.

Credits: Credits: Images and Text Copyright 2005, William A. Haber,