Patia orise (Butler, 1872)sororna

Male dorsal
Male dorsal
Female dorsal
Female dorsal
Male ventral
Male ventral
Female ventral
Female ventral

  Sexes distinct; upper and underside similar.
  Male: forewing narrow with distal margin concave.
  Hindwing orange-brown with black border; pale yellow spots in distal half.
  White spots in black border only on underside.
  Female: forewing broader than male, moe orange at base.
  Hindwing similar to male, but orange-brown larger with paler center.

Local distribution: 68-78 mm

Similar related species
Dismorphia eunoe
Dismorphia amphiona

Unrelated models
Olyras crathis
Eutresis hypereia
Eutresis dilucida
Thyridia psidii
Heliconius hecalesia

Abundance: Rare

Local distribution: Atlantic lowlands to 1200 m.

Species range: Costa Rica to Bolivia

Credits: Credits: Images and Text Copyright 2005, William A. Haber,