Dismorphia amphiona (Doubleday, 1844)praxinoe

Male dorsal
Male dorsal
Female dorsal
Female dorsal
Male ventral
Male ventral
Female ventral
Female ventral

  Pattern of sexes similar, but forewing apex pointed in female, rounded in male and male hindwing much broader.
  Forewing black with orange marks in basal half, yellow spots in distal half.
  Posterior border of hindwing brown; center orange bar surrounded by black.
  Underside similar, but orange marks are muted.

Local distribution: 60-74 mm

Similar related species
Dismorphia eunoe
Patia orise

Unrelated models
Eueides isabella
Mechanitis polymnia
Mechanitis lysimnia
Heliconius hecale
Heliconius hecalesia
Melinaea ethra
Hypothyris lycaste

Abundance: Uncommon

Local distribution: Both slopes from lowlands to 1500 m.

Species range: Mexico to South America

Credits: Credits: Images and Text Copyright 2005, William A. Haber, www.cs.umb.edu/efg.