Eresia alsina Hewitson, 1869
Nymphalidae Melitaeinae

Male dorsal
Male dorsal
Female dorsal
Female dorsal
Male ventral
Male ventral
Female ventral
Female ventral

  Male and somewhat different.
  Male: fore and hind wing less spotted than female.
  Female :larger with broader wings and bolder yellow spots within the thicker black margin.
  Hindwing without a central bar.

Local distribution: 51-62 mm

Similar related species
Eresia coela
Eresia mechanitis
Eresia eutropia
Castilia eranites

Unrelated models
Mechanitis polymnia
Mechanitis lysimnia
Hypothyris euclea
Hypothyris lycaste
Actinote anteas

Abundance: Uncommon

Local distribution: Atlantic slope from lowlands from 400 to 800 m.

Species range: Nicaragua to Costa Rica

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