Castilia eranites (Hewitson, 1857)
Nymphalidae Melitaeinae

Male dorsal
Male dorsal
Female dorsal
Female dorsal
Male ventral
Male ventral
Female ventral
Female ventral

  Male and female distinct.
  Male orange-brown with bold black bars and borders; paler below.
  Hindwing with central black bar close to margin.
  Female similar, but orange marks on distal forewing replaced by numerous paler spots.
  Submarginal black bar on hindwing more central in female.

Local distribution: 45-50 mm

Similar related species
Eresia coela
Eresia alsina

Unrelated models
Hypothyris euclea
Ceratinia tutia
Dismorphia amphiona

Abundance: Common

Local distribution: Widespread on Atlantic slope; Pacific slope from about 600-1500 m.

Species range: Mexico to Colombia and Venezuela

Comments: This species looks much more like an Eresia species than a Castilia. The male is very similar to male Eresia coela; the female is very similar to Eresia alsona and coela, but lacks a hindwing discal bar. This species commonly migrates back and forth through Monteverde between the Pacific and Atlantic slope.

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