Bogs and Acidic Peatlands of Southern New England by Marsha C. Salett
Aster novi-belgii L.
ASTERACEAE (Composite Family)
EtymologyAster is Greek for star; novi-belgii is Latin for of or from New York, so named by its Dutch settlers after Belgium and the Netherlands.
DescriptionA perennial herb that is usually found along the coast, New York aster ranges in size from medium-low to tall (1 1/2 -- 5'). Numerous, blue to light violet (rarely pink or white), daisy-like flowers occur in open, leafy inflorescences.
Wetland indicator statusFACW+
Plant Height1.5-5 feet
LeavesAlternate, simple, entire to toothed; to 6 1/2" long; narrowly lanceolate to elliptical, usually smooth; leaves slightly clasp the stem.
Flower/InflorescenceBlue to light violet (pink or white), daisy-like, 3/4 -- 1 1/4" wide; 20-50 ray flowers surround the center of yellow disk flowers, bracts under flower heads curve outward.
Flowering PeriodJuly-October
FruitAchene, small.
HabitatSalt marshes, shrub swamps, moist places.
RangeNewfoundland to South Carolina, primarily near the coast.
(c) 1998-2006 Marsha C. Salett