Pteronymia simplex (Salvin)Female

Male dorsal
Male dorsal
Female dorsal
Female dorsal
Male venrtral
Male venrtral
Female venrtral
Female venrtral

Wingspan: 50-56 mm

Identification: Black postdiscal bar with forked end, border of dorsal hindwing usually black, hindwing fringe scales orange.

Similar species
Episcada salvinia
Pteronymia artena
Greta polissena

Local distribution: From 1200-1600 m on both slopes, but more common on Pacific side.

Species range: Mexico to Panama

Abundance: Common

Early stages: Solitary

Larval food plants
Solanum aphyodendron
Solanum brenesii
Solanum pastillum
Solanum pertenue
Solanum ramonense
Solanum rovirosanum
Solanum tuerckheimii

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