Ipomoea trifida
Morning GloriesConvolvulaceae


Similar species
Ipomoea batatasCorolla larger and darker, calyx lobes almost without hairs.

Description: Corolla 3 cm in diameter, 2.5 cm long, limb white or pale pink to white with darker pink to magenta throat, calyx lobes and stem with long hairs.

Abundance: abundant

Elevation: below 700 m

Slope: Pacific

Flower phenology: December to January

Comments: The smallest flower of the Ipomoea species and mostly lowland, barely reaching our 700 m cutoff. The vines often form dense carpets along road margins.

Corolla color: pink-lavender

Corolla throat color: pink-magenta

Credits: Images and Text Copyright 2006 by William A. Haber, www.cs.umb.edu/efg.