Ipomoea nil
Morning GloriesConvolvulaceae


Similar species
Ipomoea indicaCalyx lobes broader and without the long hairs, cultivated only.
Ipomoea parasiticaThroat yellow, corolla margin shallowly lobed.

Description: Corolla vibrant blue with white throat, calyx lobes hairy and narrow at base, free from corolla tube.

Abundance: common

Elevation: 300-1400 m

Slope: Pacific

Flower phenology: November to January

Comments: Common on Pacific slope from lowlands to 1200 m; uncommon up to 1400 m.

Corolla color: blue-purple

Corolla throat color: white

Credits: Images and Text Copyright 2006 by William A. Haber, www.cs.umb.edu/efg.