Ipomoea batatoides
Morning GloriesConvolvulaceae


Similar species
Ipomoea batatasCalyx lobes elongate, corolla usually paler, mostly higher elevation.
Ipomoea umbraticolaCalyx lobes ridged, not convex.

Description: Throat white inside with gray at base, calyx lobes rounded and convex, without an apical tooth, appressed to corolla, peduncle not ridged or winged.

Abundance: rare

Elevation: 700-1100 m

Slope: both Atlantic and Pacific

Flower phenology: January to February

Comments: Larger than Ipomoea batatas and much less common; it occurs only in the lower end of I. batatas' range.

Corolla color: pink-lavender

Corolla throat color: pink-magenta

Credits: Images and Text Copyright 2006 by William A. Haber, www.cs.umb.edu/efg.