Najas minorEuropean naiad

Plant Community: Submersed

Depth: 5 m

Leaf Heterophylly: No

Leaf Arrangement: Opposite, Sub-opposite, Whorled, Clumped

Leaves/Whorl: N/A

Divided Leaf Pattern: N/A

Leaflet Paris: N/A

Fruit: Small, spindle, slight curve, indentations in rows

Degree of Invasiveness in Maine: Watch list

Look-alike Species: Native naiads, Fine-leaved pondweeds

Reproduction type: Seed

Origin: Europe

THE PLANT: Aquatic plant; submersed; true annual;

THE LEAVES: Submersed; finely serrated; serrations are easily seen with a hand lens; slender; mixed arrangement (including opposites, whorls, clusters); protruding, blocky, fan-shaped leaf base

THE FLOWERS: Small, inconspicuous

THE FRUITS: Seeds purplish; 1.5-3 mm; spindle-shaped; slight curve; rectangular indentations arranged in distinct longitudinal rows

THE HABITAT: Pond, lake, slow moving stream, turbid, eutrophic, Sand gravel, etc.

KEY ID FEATURES: Visible leaf serrations; protruding, blocky, fan-shaped leaf base

Credits: (c) GMRI