Potamogeton crispusCurly-leaf pondweed

Plant Community: Submersed

Leaf Heterophylly: No

Leaf Arrangement: Alternate

Leaves/Whorl: N/A

Divided Leaf Pattern: N/A

Leaflet Paris: N/A

Flower Characteristic: Flower spike

Fruit: Cone-shaped beak woodpecker profile

Degree of Invasiveness in Maine: Invasive 1

Look-alike Species: Large-leaf pondweed, Clasping-leaf pondweed, Red pondweed, White-stem pondweed

Reproduction type: Turion, Rhizome, Seed

Origin: Eurasia

THE PLANT: Aquatic plant; submersed; survives harsh conditions; perennial

THE LEAVES: Submersed; no distinct leaf stems (directly attached to main stem); leaf margin finely serrated; serrations easily seen with a hand lens; alternate; olive green to reddish brown; edges ruffled (lasagna noodle)

THE STEM: Slightly flattened; emerge from rhizomes and turions; 0.4-0.8 m long

THE FLOWERS: Flower spikes above water; curved spike; bloom June to early summer

THE HABITAT: Shallow, deep, still, flowing, shaded, disturbed, polluted, turbid ,Soft sediments

KEY ID FEATURES: Submersed leaves only (native pondweeds heterophyllic); stipules slightly joined to stem at base; stipules 4-10 mm; curved flower spike; turions resemble small ruffled pinecones (1-2 cm); mature leaves ruffled (lasagna noodle)

Credits: (c) GMRI