Nymphoides peltataYellow floating heart

Plant Community: Floating leaf

Depth: 4 m

Leaf Heterophylly: No

Leaf Arrangement: Opposite

Leaves/Whorl: N/A

Divided Leaf Pattern: N/A

Leaflet Paris: N/A

Petal Number: 5

Flower Color: Bright yellow

Flower Characteristic: Fringed

Fruit: Oval, Flat, Hairy

Degree of Invasiveness in Maine: Watch list

Look-alike Species: European frogbit, Little floating heart, Watershield, Spatterdock Fragrant water lily

Reproduction type: Rhizome, Seed, Fragmentation

Origin: Europe, Asia

THE PLANT: Aquatic plant; floating; forms dense patches; perennial

THE LEAVES: Floating; heart-shaped; scalloped/ wavy edges; purplish undersides; 3-10 cm diameter; rooted to the sediment

THE STEM: Each rooted stem supports a loosely branched group of several leaves

THE FLOWERS: Showy, 3-4 cm diameter; bright yellow; fringed petals; above water on long stalks; 1-5 flowers/stalk

THE FRUITS: 2.5 cm long; contains numerous seeds; seeds oval, flat, hairy along outer edges, 3.5 mm long

THE HABITAT: Littoral areas - waters edge to 4 m, Sand, mud, gravel, etc.

KEY ID FEATURES: Several leaves per stem (all heart-shaped floating leaved plants that are native to Maine prodce only 1 leaf per rooted stem)

Credits: (c) GMRI