Hydrocharis morsus-ranaeEuropean frog-bit

Plant Community: Floating leaf, Emergent

Leaf Heterophylly: No

Leaf Arrangement: 1 leaf per stem

Leaves/Whorl: N/A

Divided Leaf Pattern: N/A

Leaflet Paris: N/A

Petal Number: 3

Flower Color: White

Degree of Invasiveness in Maine: Watch list

Look-alike Species: Water lily, Little floating heart, Spatterdock, Watershield

Reproduction type: Stolon, Turion

Origin: Europe

THE PLANT: Aquatic plant; free-floating; forms dense floating colonies; unbranched root-like tendrils not attached to sediment

THE LEAVES: Floating; bouquet-like clumps that are not attached to the sediment by stems and roots; leaves 1.3-6.3 cm

THE STEM: 4-6 cm long

THE FLOWERS: 3 white petals; yellow center

THE HABITAT: Open marsh, Quiet backwaters

Credits: (c) GMRI