Ferns and Fern Allies of Mount Holyokeby Karen Searcy
Phegopteris hexagonoptera (Southern Beech-fern)
Leaf length6 - 18 inches
Leaf clusteringnot clustered
Leaf persistencedeciduous
Shape of spore-producing arearound
Location of spore-producing areaunderside of leaf
Leaf typecompound
Divisions of leaf bladetwo
Habitatforested seeps
DescriptionDeciduous fern with a triangular leaf blade. The two lowest leflets (pinnae) are the largest and point backward. They are connected to the ones above by winged tissue along the midrib (rachis). P. connectilis also occurs in the Mount Holyoke Range, and can be distinguished from P. hexagonophora by the lack of a connecting wing along the midrib (rachis).
Habit photoKBS