Ferns and Fern Allies of Mount Holyokeby Karen Searcy
Osmunda claytoniana (Interrupted Fern)
Leaf length24 - 60 inches
Leaf clusteringclustered
Leaf persistencedeciduous
Shape of spore-producing areaentire leaflet
Location of spore-producing areabetween sterile leaflets on the same leaf
Leaf typecompound
Divisions of leaf bladetwo
Habitatmoist woods
DescriptionLarge fern deciduous fern with the fertile leaf segments produced in central part of the leaf blade, leaving a gap when they wither. This species lacks a tuft of hairs at the base of the leaflets (pinnae) . Tips of the leaflets (pinnae) tend to be broader than O. cinnamomea. It is more common than O. cinnamomea in the Mt. Holyoke Range.
Habit photoKBS